High school sports and activities are taken wayyyy too seriously

High school sports and activities are taken wayyyy too seriously

Both coaches and students take what they’re doing too seriously and it hurts both parties. It’s one thing to have discipline, it’s another thing entirely to make rules for the pure sake of making rules. Every activity I’ve taken apart of has taken a no-exceptions policy for attendance pulling athletes from competition or requiring them to write full, multi-page essays on a given topic to make up for lost time, regardless of the reason for absence. I have been punished for missing a school activity for another equally-valid school sanctioned activity and for some reason this is deemed acceptable. I have a friend who had to write an essay over a classical musical topic for missing a band rehearsal for his grandfathers funeral. At some point a line has to be drawn, especially when “make-up” work doesn’t help with the activity. It’s high school for goodness sake, let the poor kids have lives


  1. This is an American thing. My high school sports barely had trainings if any at all, if you signed up you were pretty much in, and the only people watching the games were the coaches and maybe one or two parents

  2. Holy shit i 100% agree,kids be trying to fight me because i couldn’t stop the ball from getting in the net,even though i said “im bad at sports”

  3. At my school in 7th or 8th grade we had to take choir and during the year we had a winter concert and a spring concert if you missed either you had to do like a 14 page packet all about singing and some other stuff. When my family and I were driving to the winter one our car spun on some ice did a total 180 and we just kept on driving right back home. The next day the teacher said it didn’t matter how bad the roads were it was our responsibility to get there ourselves.

  4. The coaches/parents are only using the kids to retroactively live their missed dreams and the kids are feeding off it. If the kids are worried about getting a scholarship, last I knew that only mattered with how you play not the whole team. Which really you shouldn’t be relying more on a scholarship than academics anyways, which is why the movie Coach Carter was so good in my opinion (I personally hate sports / sports movies but it surprised me).

  5. Where are you that does that? My school (maine prefer not to say the town) just has us sit out part of the next game if we skip practice (unless we emailed coach that we wouldn’t be going)

  6. MY high school expects you to be at every single practice or game or team meeting/team event which can oftentimes conflict with the break time or lunchtime which many students, including myself, use to talk to teachers and work on group projects. My baseball coach makes us do sprints if one person misses anything.

    We also have this rule at my school that for every game missed is a game you have to sit on the bench. If you miss 3 games in one week because you had a fever or the flu, too bad. When you come back to school you have to sit on the bench for 3 more games. It’s so stupid.

  7. Oh man. I’ve never seen an opinion on here that I agree with so much. My parents wanted me to excel at sports SO badly….they put so much pressure on me, and for absolutely no fucking reason. Parents who pressure their kids to get perfect grades aren’t great either, but at least what you learn in school has SOME impact on your future. Extracurricular activities are supposed to be FUN, for God’s sake. I started having panic attacks all the time during elementary school and middle school because of this shit. It’s really pointless and damaging. To this day, I really don’t understand why my parents were like this, though they certainly weren’t the only ones….

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