Are high-school sports really this glorified in the US?

Are high-school sports really this glorified in the US?

Now, I’ve never been to the US, don’t have any friends there either and I really don’t know much about high-schools besides the things shown in movies (which obviously are always portraying reality).

Also, where I’m from, sports teams aren’t really based on schools, but much more on the town you live in. And here, nobody really cares that much about what your team achieved, people will be happy for you and think that it’s cool, but they won’t really see you in another light or whatever. We also don’t have cheerleaders, pep rallies (I’m not even really sure what that is), if I have a competition, the only people attending are parents and some friends of players, hanging out at the gym casually.

So, what are high-school sports like in the US?


  1. t really depends on where you are. Some school districts devote most of their budget to the local high school sports team (almost always football), while others don’t even have a field to practice on.

  2. High school sports in the US are probably the same as club sports are where you live.

    I assume where you live they play a lot of soccer. For the sake of this argument I’m calling it soccer not football.

    High school football is probably the same intensity as club soccer where you’re from. I hope that give you some perspective.

  3. A lot of attention is given to high-school sports in the US. Especially if you are in a state that values sports a lot. Before big games we have pep rallies which are the world’s most annoying form of avoiding class. Homecoming has a sports element. We are supposed to look up to the people that play sports. But when I say all that what I’m really talking about is football and basketball. The others, no matter how well played, will never get as much attention.

    Bands play at the games so the band kids practice year-round for that. We hear announcements about it over the speakers. Peoples (including teachers’s) moods change depending on the games. Half the history department is called coach.

    In a way it’s okay because high-school is where recruiting starts for national teams but it is way over glorified.

  4. I believe EVERYTHING in the US is done at an extreme level

    Then again, even I’ve never been there

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