What is your best "met the high school bitch/bully as an adult" story?

What is your best “met the high school bitch/bully as an adult” story?

Bonus points if you called them out on their past behavior/they recognized you. Edit: I’m actually pretty glad to see that most of you guys reconciled with them or realized they grew up, even though the petty revenge stories are a nice read (if not saddening for some)


  1. My older brother had this big freaking dude bully him when he was younger. I bumped into him at a bar a few years ago, and told him what a prick he was. This dude must be 6’5 and a good 300 lbs, but fuck that, I told him off and said I should kick his ass right there. I am six foot and weighed maybe 190 lbs.
    He looked down at me shamefully and told me to please apologize to my brother, he said he was such an asshole when he was younger. All was well. Then he said, “Do you really think you could kick my ass?” I looked up at him, “Nope, but I was sure gonna try really hard”.

    The end.

    Edit: suck an asshole to SUCH an asshole. Thanks blowinswishers. But why was he sucking assholes?

  2. I had a rather nasty 3rd grade teacher, he told me I was “cursed” and informed other students that any toilet I used was “cursed.” My mother pulled me out of said school and sued, getting him sacked and ruining his career or so we thought. He ended up teaching in a public school later on. I ran into him while I was a day camp counselor with the municipal parks and rec department, which used said elementary school as a camp during the summer. He didn’t know who I was I informed him as I towered over him that I hope he is enjoying teaching in a school again. He realized who I was and quickly left, he was petrified of me. Made my summer!

  3. Moved to a new school in 7th grade and was doing fine — making friends, good grades. Then somehow ran afoul of this bigger kid (he’d been held back a few times). Typical bully — pushed little kids into lockers, loved to torment girls and ran with a pack of acolytes who adored and aped him. In Texas at the time, if a kid didn’t like you, he “called you out” (challenged you to a fight after school). Well, “Zed” calls me out one day, because I was a “faggot from New York.” Clueless me (moved there from said NY, where people are civilized), I said, “Sure, ok.”

    A few days later, in front of his acolytes and a small group of my friends, he proceeds to beat the shit out of me. It was 7th grade, so the damage wasn’t excessive — mostly to my pride. Spent the rest of middle school known as one of the guys “Zed beat the shit out of.”

    Fast forward about seven years, home from college and going to the grocery store for mom. Who should I see bagging my goodies but Zed. Taking a look at him, I see a horrible scar running from the top of his head down around the back of his skull and neck and under his shirt. His face lights up when he sees me, and he says, in slightly slurred speech, “Hey! Didn’t we go to school together? We’re friends from school, right?” He walks with me out to the parking lot, and as we walk I learn that he had been hit by a car in high school while biking home one day. Accident required a half-dozen surgeries and had left Zed mentally impaired and a completely different person.

    He put my stuff in the car, shook my hand for a good 30 seconds and kept asking me to “come back and see me sometime!”

    I had hated few people in my life to that point, and no one more than him. Almost cried driving home, I felt so bad for him and disgusted with myself for my previous hatred.

  4. Mine actually hit on me on an online dating site. He didn’t recognize me at all since I’d lost a lot of weight. I said, hey, I recognize you from elementary school. He said he didn’t remember. (We were both from a town of 4000 people.)

  5. Okay, I guess I’ll post some real answers. They’re not impressive or satisfying in the slightest.

    I was basically a social pariah from elementary to middle school. So I had a lot of bullies. And inevitably I’d meet some of them even after I moved.

    One time, one of my main bullies showed up to visit a friend, and this friend happened to be my current friend. I avoided him at all costs, even though my friend tried to assure me that he wouldn’t recognized me anyway. I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. According to my friend, he had just gotten out of juvie for planting a small bomb in the principal’s office of his school. But god help his poor mother, I met her once and was surprised at how timid and fearful she was about her son’s sociopathic behavior.

    I guess an interesting side note is that my friend was also an asshole earlier in his life (which is why he was old friends with my bully), but once he mellowed out, that’s how we became friends.

    Another time, a girl who was a complete dick to me in junior high happened to transfer to my current school. She tried being a dick again, spreading rumors and whatnot, but it didn’t work because at this school I was actually rather popular (extremely rare thing to happen in high school, but it was full of other geeks and weirdos just like me). She ended up as the outcast, mostly for political reasons (she was conservative, the school was liberal). Also I learned later that she had a terribly abusive home life, which made me sad.

    There were also a lot of other occasions where I’d pass an old bully on the street, and they’d be like “Hey you!” (and not in a friendly tone). I’d recognize them, but just feign ignorance and say “Do I know you?” and they’d say “Uhh, nevermind…” or “You don’t remember me?” and leave.

  6. Senior in high school: This fat bitch freaked out on me and told me she was going to kill me because I dipped my fry in her ketchup. She dropped out soon after, and I never saw her after that day back at school.

    Eight years later: At the gay bar (best music in town), and she hits on me, tells me I’m a sexy bitch and she wants to hook up… I ask “Don’t you recognize me”, she says no.

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