I'm loosing my friends

I’m loosing my friends

I only graduated three years ago, but even in that short amount of time things have seemed to change. I feel like everyone of my friends is always so busy with work or school. When we were in school it seemed like all of us were kicking it everyday, but now it seems as if no one has the time to just sit around and bullshit.

What happened to your high school “best friends”? How is your relationship with them different?


  1. Graduated in 2002, still best friends. Still act very much like high school kids when we hang out, which is usually several times a month.

  2. Graduate 8 years ago. Was best man at his wedding in April. Sang guy love at his 21st. Love him like a brother. Best friends!

  3. We’re talking 19 years ago. So… One is now married with a child. However, he seems to not speak to any of us now. Not even family. So I am not sure what is up with that. He could be busy, he could not.

    Another friend got married as well. He is living fairly happy it seems. We like each others posts on Facebook now and then, or comment once in a great while. But I feel no tensions, and I bet anything he would be happy to see me if I paid him a visit.

    Both of the previous guys I just spoke of happened to marry some high-school romances. Though it wasn’t right out of high-school, and they had other girlfriends in between I would assume.

    One more gentlemen, who was older than our group and pretty cool stayed in touch for a long time. He actually lived with us for a while during my high-school years. He again later moved in with me several years ago, that went kind of sour. Though we remain silently friends I think. He’s just kind of disappeared off Facebook. It doesn’t surprise me though. He was never a fan of it.

    Well, that’s my boring answer. I now live in China (for my work). Married an internet love of roughly 4 years. I’ve always tried to stay in touch with my best friends. I love them. I miss them. But life seems to pull people apart over time. That’s OK though. It’s sort of like an extra layer of leaving the nest I guess. I’m still happy.

    Hope you gleaned what ever it may be that you wanted to. =)

  4. I graduated over twenty years ago, so I only have brief contact with my old friends via Facebook.

    One guy and I followed similar career and family paths. We have lunch on occasion. I’m actually very good friends with his high school ex-girlfriend and her husband. Besides me, he is the only one who is married.

    One guy is twice divorced and briefly lived in his car. We have diametrically opposed political and religious views and quietly hate each other.

    One was recently arrested for drug dealing to absolutely no one’s surprise. I haven’t actually seen him since he was kicked out of school.

    One is a calculus teacher in Arkansas and itching to come out of the closet.

    One is terminally single, but is adored by his niece and nephew.

  5. I graduated 8 years ago. I’ve been best friends with the same guy since kindergarden. We are still friends to this day. 20+ years of friendship. What a ride.

  6. I graduated in 2002. I still talk with my two closest friends, but I haven’t talked with anyone else in years, and don’t really have any desire to. One of them works for an energy technology company in Germany and the other is a paramedic in Colorado, where we grew up. We see each other maybe once a year. It really depends on if we happen to be in the same city at some point, since I live far away from both of them. I’m the same way with my two closest college friends, who are now a doctor in Vermont and a Teacher in Massachusetts. People come and go. You do some stuff and move around from place to place. Then you die. So it goes.

  7. Graduated in 2002, still best friends. Still act very much like high school kids when we hang out, which is usually several times a month.

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