do any of you know if its possible to transfer high schools in 10th grade?

do any of you know if its possible to transfer high schools in 10th grade?

my younger sister is entering 10th grade and shes not enjoying her experience in high school. shes going to a high school that focuses in film and she realizes she hates it, along with some other things she doesnt like about the schools curriculum.

she attempted to transfer her freshmen year but the advisers and guidance counselor refused to give her the transfer application for reasons i dont know. i wish my sister told me they were doing that but she ddint. any of you guys know if nyc high schools allow transfers in 10th grade


  1. It’s possible but it may be difficult. She needs to get her parents involved and know exactly where she wants to go.

    Not only that but also you have to see if the HS will even accept new transfers after freshmen year. Some probably don’t.

    Personally, most of the people I know that transferred after their sophomore year transferred because they moved.

  2. Do I have to go to my zoned school? I currently go to a private school and want to transfer to another to a school that’s not near me, I emailed their staff but got nothing back. Would it be possible to just go and have my parents enroll me in the school i want? I’m scared i’m gonna have to go to zoned school which is not good.

  3. Talk to the DOE. It might be too late tho for the upcoming school year to apply to certain high schools tho, as each school only has a certain amount of seats. I got put into my zoned high school and tried to transfer out but it was a mission and wouldn’t have been for the next year. I ended up staying cus I got used to it, it was super easy, and I made friends 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Applications have closed so you’re late for this school year. If you don’t mind going to a regular school that isn’t reliant on testing, auditioning, etc. for admission then I’d suggest contacting your borough’s DOE district office to see if they can help you. My brother had to appeal for a transfer 2 months into the school year and was able to transfer into a regular school that was in our neighborhood. But start researching schools that you’re interested in so that you know when applications begin. That way you won’t be scrambling like right now.

  5. You can go in person or email the welcome center. They have it by district. Whatever school you’re interested in attending check what district it’s in. I also recommend having your parent/guardian call the school to see if they have space for you. Some schools are at capacity and may not have space. Make sure to ask if they have space for a 10th grade transfer student. If you are planning on attending a screened school keep in mind that they will interview and your parent/guardian.

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